Legal and Tax Advice from the International Experience of a Team of Business Lawyers and Tax Advisors
SLC – Studi Legali Consociati is the association of Law Firm “Studio Luigi Porzio – Avv.ti Porzio, Bove and Associates”, and Tax Advisors, Tax Lawyers and Auditors Firm “Studio d’Aniello”.

Law Firm “Studio Luigi Porzio - Avv.ti Porzio Bove and Associates”, was formally created in 1964 by Avv. Mario Porzio and Prof. Avv. Lucio Bove (who were joined in 1969 by Avv. Vittorio Porzio) as being the continuation of Porzio family law firm started - in Naples and Rome - by Avv. Luigi Porzio (1899–1963), father of Mario and Vittorio, and his brother Avv. Enrico Porzio (1908-1994), in the wake of Avv. Giovanni Porzio (1873-1962), founder of Porzio family tradition in law business, law expert nation-wide reknown since early 900’, politically active as deputy member of Nitti and Giolitti cabinets and Vice-President of fifth De Gasperi cabinet.

Studio Luigi Porzio – Avv.ti Porzio Bove and Associates is now a team of 12 lawyers.

Tax Advisors firm “Studio d’Aniello” is among the oldest tax-law firm in Italy taking its origin from firm started in 1865 by Avv. Nicola d’Aniello, grandfather of present Senior and leading partners Dr. Vincenzo d’Aniello and Avv. Stefano d’Aniello.

Studio d’Aniello is now a team of 15 tax advisors, tax lawyers, auditors and accountants.

Starting as family oriented firms, both Studio Luigi Porzio, Avv.ti Porzio, Bove and Associates and Studio d’Aniello have always aimed at providing their clients - major Italian and foreign companies - with a tailor made legal and tax consultancy assistance, which they have both expanded beyond pure national legal and tax systems towards the areas of international commercial law and business transactions, corporate advice and tax planning, acquiring through the years a strong international orientation.

Taking advantage of a solid experience gained over the years, and by the different competences gathered in the Group, SLC can provide highly specialised and professional legal assistance – contentious and non contentious - in matters connected with Civil and Commercial Law (corporate, mergers, acquisitions, property, trademark, patents, copyrights, succession, domestic relation) as well as Administrative Law, which all partners of SLC are in the position to render, at an highly qualified level, also to internationally oriented clients and foreign companies, within transnational transactions.

Through the experience of a dedicated group of Partners, SLC can boast specific skills in all areas of Shipping Law and International Commodities trade, Insurance, Taxation and International Finance.

Today SLC, thanks to its presence in Naples, Genoa, Milan and Ravenna, is able to provide services throughout the whole of Italy and acts likewise at an international level through a network of international correspondents which enables SLC to assist clients in any foreign country.

SLC has a strong commitment to developing tailor-made legal and tax strategies meeting clients’ needs and providing effective, value-added and timely legal advice together with thorough understanding of each client’s particular business.